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Bhagini Nivedita College

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Bhagini Nivedita College (BNC) is a constituent college of University of Delhi. It was established by the then Delhi Administration in August, 1993 as a ‘Women’s College’ in the South Western part of Delhi. It is funded and supported by the Government of Delhi.

The college is named after Sister Nivedita, a disciple of Swami Vivekanand who dedicated her whole life for the education and welfare of women. Its campus is located adjacent to village Kair near Najafgarh in a clean and green environment surrounded by farms and trees.

With a firm commitment towards meeting the higher education needs of girls in the rural and semi urban areas of South West Delhi, BNC has come a long way since its inception in 1993 and made rapid progress.

BNC has excellent educational infrastructure in the form of well-equipped laboratories and a comprehensive library. A wholly new campus is coming up with modern teaching blocks, labs, auditorium, hostel facilities and staff quarters. Since its inception, BNC has built up an impressive reputation and record in academics, NCC and sports. The teaching faculty consists of highly qualified academicians.

Bhagini Nivedita College

Bhagini Nivedita College Undergraduate Courses

  • B.A. (Hons) Hindi
  • B.A. Programme
  • B.Com.
  • B.Sc. Physical Sciences

The overarching vision of Bhagini Nivedita College is empowering women through well-rounded and integrated education and preparing them for excelling in leadership and functional roles at home, in society, within organisations and the country; and enabling them to live up to their full potential.


  1. To create a learning environment, which encourages students to make use of their learning potential and opportunities maximally and imbibe knowledge, skills and values with ease.
  2. To provide academic facilities, which enable teachers to use appropriate technology tools and adopt effective methods of imparting education, developing skills and inculcating values.
  3. To offer educational courses and learning opportunities, which lead to the realisation of the career objectives and life goals of the students and enable them to become productive and efficient in their chosen fields.
  4. To support the learning experiences of students with participative projects and community engagement activities, which contribute to the development of their social consciousness, teamwork, interpersonal communication and relationship skills.
  5. To help the learners to utilise their talents and build on their physical and psychological strengths and develop leadership qualities and skills through active participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  6. To foster the pursuit of excellence and the spirit of healthy competition and prepare the students for the real world by facilitating their participation in competitive academic, sporting and cultural activities.
  7. To motivate students and teachers to adopt research for advancing their knowledge as well as refining their understanding and encourage them to share research outcomes through publications and interactive discussions or displays and become lifelong learners.
  8. To nurture the creativity potential of the learners and develop their talent for innovation by involving them in challenging assignments as well as in multidisciplinary activities.
  9. To instil a sense of environmental responsibility among the learners and facilitate the adoption of sustainable development perspectives and actions as a way of life.
  10. To recognise the differences in the physical, social and economic needs of the students and work towards enabling them to acquire education on equal footing.
  11. To establish quality goals covering academic performance, sporting excellence and administration, ensure its adoption by the academics and staff and strive for continuous improvement in the quality of education and educational services offered.
  12. To be conscious of the social responsibilities towards the rural and semi urban communities in the neighbourhood and for meeting the higher education aspirations and needs of the girl students of the region.


In its efforts towards, realising the vision and missions, the college is guided by a set of strong values.

  • The college is committed to play a constructive and catalytic role in national development
  • The college cultivates and advocates ethical behaviour in all aspects of its functioning.
  • The college values quality in education and will constantly strive for excellence in teaching, research, student support and overall management.
  • The college will nurture human values and enable its students to become socially valuable.
  • The college will rely on participatory management, which promotes leadership and teamwork and is accountable to all the stakeholders particularly students.


  • To play a catalytic role in women development and positively transforming their lives for the better.
  • To ensure effective implementation of the curriculum through latest teaching learning practices.
  • To continuously enrich the overall learning experience of the students and enhance the quality of their interactions with the real world to prepare them for facing the challenges of the society and the job market successfully.
  • To impart necessary skills and competencies required for better employability of the students.
  • To provide liberal and free environment required for independent thinking and frank expression of ideas so as to promote the qualities of leadership, creative thinking and problem solving mindsets in the students.